Triple Bearing Diabolo UK

Triple Bearing Diabolo + Collapsable Sticks + FREE online Video in a Beautiful Tin Can – “The Ultimate Diabolo Set by Mister M”

  • Ball Bearing Diabolo with 3 Ball Bearings + Sticks + Extra String + free Online Video – Extra Quiet, Super Spin. Designed by Mister M / The Ultimate Diabolo Set (Green)
  • Diabolo is 4,5 inches high and weighs 8 ounces / 10,5cm 220 grams (a medium size) – perfect for playing since it is not to big. Very “wrist friendly”
  • Professional Diabolo Sticks – these are the only ones on the market that are collapsable. Sticks include Foam handles and Super Slip String!
  • Diabolo with 3 Ball Bearings – Extra Quiet, Super Spin – 3 COLORS available
  • A FREE online video with “Mister M” will have you performing tricks in no time – All in a beautiful tin can, the perfect gift