Movement - Exercise - Health


      Promoting creativity
                avoiding burnout
   ... having fun


"Everyone can juggle. Juggling can be done by anyone anywhere. Guaranteed!" - Mister M.


More and more companies actively support the health of their employees.


Why juggle?

Juggling is being hailed by many as an effective method against stress and burnout. It trains the gross and fine motor skills and connects the two hemispheres of the brain, which -among other benefits- also promotes creativity. All this has already been proven by science.

Juggling connects people, and not only when passing the ball. Juggling keeps you fit, strengthens your muscles, provides rapid results and last but not least, it's fun.



Marcus Halbig, as Mister M, has been juggling for over 20 years and performed publicly over 3000 times. He created the iPhone app "Juggling with Mister M", produced two juggling DVDs, developed juggling sets and wrote the book "Welcome to my Show - Lebe deinen Traum".

Mister M will convey to your employees, how much fun it can be to exercise, to reduce stress and of course, to juggle.



The workshop (45 min) does not only consist of the instruction for juggling three balls. At the end and to motivate the participants, Mister M also presents a short performance including juggling with a running chainsaw and two knives!


For Who?

Age and prior knowledge are not important for this workshop.