Hollywood Comedy Cooking Show

Bon Appetit - Cooking with Mister M

"Live every day as if it’s your birthday", Mister M

3rd place at the Arts Festival
in Sarmede, Italy/2014


"Hollywood Comedy Cooking Show" is a parody of today's popular TV cooking shows.

Mister M rolls onto stage with his BCV (Beer Crate Vehicle) and trailer (BCVT - Beer Crate Vehicle Trailer) loaded with fruit boxes which he transforms into a fully functional “TV-kitchen”. A comedy street theater performance lasting 30 to 35 minutes, with bouncing popcorn, flying plates, juggled water melons and even a pancake - birthday cake as finale, including fireworks!


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Photos Hanau (c) Moritz Göbel | Photos Partenkirchen 2015 (c) Dominik Izaquiel Tome


3-min-promo-video Cooking with Mister M

10-min-promo-video : open here http://vimeo.com/107581341


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